3x Matrix

Produce and distribute massive amounts of viral short videos
for your product on all platforms.

What is 3x Content Matrix?

Viral Video Production and Distribution

The 3x Content Matrix is our secret source for viral campaigns. If you want to see everyone post and talk about your on all social media platforms, you've come to the right place.

The recommendation systems for short videos on TikTok, Instagram Reel, and YouTube Shorts are a black box for most teams. Creating large amount of great videos is costly and posting them doesn't guarantee you the traffic you wanted.  

We want to solve this for you. HashMatrix uses a three-tiered video content creation and distribution strategy that can bring your branding and product awareness to the next level. We create studio quality branding videos to hype up your product, creative videos that attract and engage audiences, and massive amounts of original generative videos that will be shared by hundreds or even thousands of accounts across different social media platforms. You can also use the ones with good performance to launch your paid ads campaigns.

This approach has been proven to significantly reduce creatives production cost and reach more audiences than just doing the traditional advertising or influencer marketing alone.

Our team has supported top brands globally

1x—Branding Video

Brand videos artfully showcase your product's unique features, captivating your audience with stunning visuals.
With HashMatrix, you can easily get your video down with lower budgets, shorter delivery time, and better quality.

2x—Creative Video

Based on a thorough analysis of your product positioning and ideal customer profiles, we have professional in-house designers and editors to create tailored video clips that align perfectly with your marketing strategies.

We iteratively refine our content creation and distribution strategies to enhance performance and efficiency, ensuring you get the best possible outcomes at significantly reduced costs.

3x—Generative Video

Every time we see good performance with the branding and creative video, we will create massive amounts of original generative videos based on it. We will breakdown each video into key creative elements such as shots, music, special effects, typography, and voice. After creating variations of each element, we then combine them to create large amounts of original videos that will still achieve great results. This not only extends the lifecycle of creative materials but also enhances the ROI of the entire marketing campaign.

Matrix Showcase: E-commerce

Maximize the potential of all your creatives with the 3xMatrix strategy.

Find the right plan for your needs

Basic plan


To get your stories heard
# of Branding Video(s)
# of Creative Videos
# of Generative Videos
  • Analyze your product and competitors traffic to create a detailed market research, including user demographics, interests, search key words, and high-traffic content types.
  • Develop content strategies tailored for your product
  • Publish videos with relevant hashtags and keywords in their descriptions.


To get popular
# of Branding Video(s)
# of Creative Videos
# of Generative Videos
  • Everything in Basic, and
  • Analyze and improve your conversion funnel to reduce churn at each stage, including website, trials, orders, and more.
  • Detailed traffic analytics report to see the performance of all your distributed content and how they bring customers to your site.
VIRAL plan


To go viral
# of Branding Video(s)
# of Creative Videos
# of Generative Videos
  • Everything in Premium, and
  • Dedicated operations supports throughout the week
  • Options to launch service-fee-free paid ads campaigns to amplify your results


Let's rock!
# of Branding Video(s)
# of Creative Videos
# of Generative Videos
  • Everything in Viral, and
  • Dedicated account managers, designers, and technical supports.
  • More services based on your unique needs!

Our Influencer Marketing Capabilities:

  • Creator Outreach & Engagement
  • Influencer Mapping & Scoring
  • Competitor Product & Strategy Analysis
  • Web traffic & user behavior report
  • Creator Partnerships & Campaigns
  • Budget allocation and management
  • Paid Ads

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