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HashMatrix has helped launch & scale some of the most ambitious and fast growing products. Your product is the next one.

Reach and attract customers on all social media platforms 😺

We focus on what matters the most throughout the campaign ⬇️

What audience are we targeting? How do we find and attract those target customers accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively?
What messages are we sharing? Does this align with your brand and can effectively capture audiences attention & gain trust?
What channels do we utilize and how can we borrow trust from the right influencers? How do we choose a right mix of influencers?

Media pitch & newsletter sponsorship add a special sauce to your campaign.

We always start with a thorough data-rich analysis for both you and your competitors.

Strategies are not vague - with Hash they are specific and tangible.

Competitor Product & Strategy Analysis
Brands Social Listening
Web Traffic & User Behavior Report
Backlinks, Referral Sites, and Key Words
Paid Ads Campaign Analysis
Influencer Mapping & Scoring

Trendy topics

We also try to leverage the most up-to-date trendy topics and industry news to amplify our voice and make the story heard by more people.

This is a skill, not art. We rely on insights, not luck.

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